Glenn Gnabasik

CTO at Effective Student Marketing, Inc.
I've had the pleasure of working with Michael on and off for the past 5 years and would put him in the top 1% of people I've worked with over a 30 year period in the technology business. His ability to communicate, break down complex problems and provide solid, straightforward, and elegant solutions is a rare combination to find in an individual. He consistently provides a professional perspective on the challenges put forth to him and inevitably solves them quickly, solidly and with a smile. A great person to work with and highly recommend him to anyone looking for a resource to own something completely or become part of a team.

Kevin Grammer

Full Stack Engineer/Web Developer
I worked with Michael on a short term project building a web app for Humana. Michael was immediately approachable, helpful, and was an integral part of my success on the project. He was a constant source of information, both technical and non-technical. For example, he built an exceptional scaffolding for the app that allowed me to easily get up and running on the project right away. He also gave sound advice regarding the best way to manage and prioritize my time in order to keep the project on schedule and confidence high. His immense programming knowledge and project management experience are invaluable assets to any team. He is a seasoned professional and someone I’d be lucky to work alongside on any project, big or small.

Bob MacWilliams

VP of Engineering at Humana
Michael was an essential contributor on my superb development team for 3+ years, first at the healthcare startup Healthrageous, and then at the Humana Boston Digital Experience Center, after Humana acquired Healthrageous. He is the complete package - topnotch developer, software architect, and leader. He works very hard to stay on top of ongoing developments in the rapidly evolving software engineering domain. A pleasure to work with, I would recommend him without hesitation.

Austin Meyermann

President – Executive Search and Recruitment at Hunter Crown, LLC (a Job Tumbler company)
Michael is an excellent client manager with strong technical knowledge. His proficiency at translating client wants into product features is exceptional. I have appreciated every moment of our professional relationship and look forward to working with him in future!

Kevin Vess

Experienced Creative Director
After working with Michael for over 3 years now, we have become fast friends. The qualities most employee's hope for in their managers can be found within him. He is the kind of leader who isn't afraid to be himself and doesn't hide behind his authority. He is very down to earth and approachable. Michael is highly respected by his co-workers for his knowledge base and willingness to help anytime he can. He has a remarkable intuition for managing projects and people. I'm positive there is not a task out there he can't handle.

Matt Hodgson

Owner, hodgsonConsulting
Michael is a very smart, detailed and driven individual. His work as CTO has contributed to significant upgrading of the technical environment at our organization along with a sharp increase in efficiency for the development of client applications. Michael is an asset to any team.
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