I'm a product guy. And I get things done.

I've worked on a variety of teams, directly responsible for getting dozens of software applications built. Mostly those are small teams trying to get a new product from zero to one. I've done every role — I've been the manager of the dev team, the pusher of the spreadsheets, and the guy who puts his headphones on and codes for hours on end. Honestly I enjoy the whole process.

I consider myself classically trained in .NET/C# and related Microsoft technologies, but have done a lot more full stack JavaScript programming in things like node, react, and angular. At my day job I'm learning to find nice things to say about python. And my side projects are in golang.

Sample Projects

I'm currently Director of Engineering at ProfitWell (formerly Price Intelligently), but prior to that worked on a number of projects for over a dozen startups in the Boston area. Some examples of those projects are below.

  • Rebuilt and consolidated the API for a local high-growth startup that was starting to feel growing pains with their existing API. The new API is written in the latest node.js with ES7 async/ await, leveraging Swagger / OpenAPI for API validation and documentation. Tests and coverage in jest. The API also integrates with Kong as an API gateway for consolidated authentication and rate limiting. All of this is deployed to Google Cloud Platform using Kubernetes.
  • Built the initial product of a new startup (end to end) from a repeat entrepreneur. I had a lot of leeway on the technology stack and I've chosen a mobile-friendly Server-Rendered React application. The API is GraphQL using Apollo's frameworks with TypeScript throughout. Unit and integration tests in jest as well as some e2e smoke tests using cypress. Deployments are handled via Circle CI to AWS ECS into a Docker Swarm. Launching soon!
  • Created a custom WYSIWYG editor using React, Redux, and Immutable.js for a Boston startup - a core component of their product. The editor uses Draft.js for rich text editing where necessary, but is otherwise built from the ground up. Unit tests in enzyme with mocha. The code is available to view on Github.
  • Worked with a very small team within a Fortune 100 healthcare company as a primary architect to create a web and mobile app for consumer health and wellness. Our chosen stack includes React Native ( iOS and Android), react.js for web ( ES6), node.js, MongoDB, Neo4j, and RabbitMQ. All of this is architected with a microservices approach in the company's first secure HIPAA compliant AWS deploy. Watch the Promo Video on YouTube
  • Wrote an extensive pricing engine for a Hartford startup, encompassing dozens of complex rules and spanning hundreds of unit tests. The engine is written in vanilla javascript ( node.js module), with mocha tests and istanbul reporting 95%+ test coverage. Data stored in MySQL.
  • Worked as part of the team for a Boston health and fitness startup, helping to re-imagine their existing .NET product offering into a full javascript stack. The server side was node, MongoDB, redis, RabbitMQ, nools, and socket.io (earlier sockjs). The front end was backbone.js using require.js, handlebars and layout manager.
  • Lead development of a Microsoft SQL Server data warehouse front end visualization project for a large national non-profit. Flexible configuration supporting multiple charting and templating libraries served through node.js (on Windows Server / IIS ) and backbone. Setup continuous deployments orchestrated with Jenkins up to AWS EC2 Instances.

All of these projects were done on a corp-to-corp basis through Hudson Collaborative, Inc.