Michael Cox


I was most recently VP Engineering at Paddle (via acquisition of ProfitWell), and prior to that was an individual contributor to a number of projects for over a dozen startups in the Boston area. Some examples of those projects are below.

In addition, this personal site was made with Remix and deployed to the edge with Cloudflare Pages.

API Development

Rebuilt and consolidated the API for a local high-growth startup that was starting to feel growing pains with their existing API. The new API is written in the latest node.js with ES7 async/ await, leveraging Swagger / OpenAPI for API validation and documentation. Tests and coverage in jest. The API also integrates with Kong as an API gateway for consolidated authentication and rate limiting. All of this is deployed to Google Cloud Platform using Kubernetes.

Kubernetes at Scale

At ProfitWell I took the lead rearchitecting the production environment to both keep up with the scale the company was reaching and optimize for keeping the AWS spending under control. The new environment is built on Kubernetes which scales Spot instances dynamically as needed. Configuration is done with Helm and the entire thing is continuously deployed with and auto-scaling Jenkins configuration connected to Github.

Isomorphic React App

Built the initial product of a new startup (end to end) from a repeat entrepreneur. I had a lot of leeway on the technology stack and I've chosen a mobile-friendly Server-Rendered React application. The API is GraphQL using Apollo's frameworks with TypeScript throughout. Unit and integration tests in jest as well as some e2e smoke tests using cypress. Deployments are handled via Circle CI to AWS ECS into a Docker Swarm.


Created a custom WYSIWYG editor using React, Redux, and Immutable.js for a Boston startup - a core component of their product. The editor uses Draft.js for rich text editing where necessary, but is otherwise built from the ground up. Unit tests in enzyme with mocha.

React Native Mobile App

Worked with a very small team within a Fortune 100 healthcare company as a primary architect to create a web and mobile app for consumer health and wellness. Our chosen stack includes React Native (iOS and Android), react.js for web (ES6), node.js, MongoDB, Neo4j, and RabbitMQ. All of this is architected with a microservices approach in the company's first secure HIPAA compliant AWS deploy.

Data Warehouse / Visualization

Lead development of a Microsoft SQL Server data warehouse front end visualization project for a large national non-profit. Flexible configuration supporting multiple charting and templating libraries served through node.js (on Windows Server / IIS ) and backbone. Setup continuous deployments orchestrated with Jenkins up to AWS EC2 Instances.