I Removed All Trackers from this Site

For a while now I’ve been using Privacy Badger from the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), so it felt wrong to still have trackers on my own website. As of today they’ve all been removed. No, not a GDPR thing. Just a good thing to do I think.

For me there were a few steps to get this to happen.

Replacing Google Fonts

Since Google Fonts tries to attach a tracking cookie, I had to download the two fonts I’m using for this site, Lora and Montserrat. I found the google webfonts helper to be an easy tool for downloading the fonts I needed so they could be served from my own domain.

Yes this might increase the latency of a view to this site, and yes it might cost me a bit more, but this site is hosted on S3 and edge cached on CloudFront, so the difference is probably negligible.

Removing other CDN Sources

I had two other CSS files that I was serviing up from a CDN. The first was normalize.css, which was being served from cdnjs via CloudFlare. That was easy enough to download from the source and include as a local asset.

I also had html5shiv and respond.js optionally being loaded if you’re on IE 8 or lower. So yeah, I just deleted those.


Finally, I had Google Analytics running on this site. After some research it looks like Matomo would be a great option. They have a strong emphasis on privacy and you can serve the analytics code from your own domain. You can even self-host the entire thing because it’s open source.

However, in the end, I just took away the analytics snippet completely. Enjoy browsing this site completely anonymously.